Offers At Famous Fast Food Restaurants Right Now!

For those who are busy running around their lives between home and office need to find some time in between to fill their stomach too! 

You might not have enough time to sit down and eat relaxed, but there are so many drive-in restaurants that can give you food packed so that you can have them at your workplace. 

What is more important than time? Of course Money!

If you could get offers and discounts daily at restaurants, you need not worry too much about spending too much outside for food.

That is why we are here to help you find out which restaurants offer what discounts right now!

1. Subway Sub of the day:

Sub of the day is a great concept – you get one particular sub sandwich at low cost on a daily basis. These subs cost you only $ 3.50 and the sub sandwich could be anything on a particular day.

To know more on Subway Sub of the day, visit here.

Apart from this, you get 15% off on any footlong subs on any online orders.

2. Wendy’s 2 for 5:

A classic promo offer that catapulted Wendy’s market share is this 2 for 5. Basically, you get 2 main dishes at just $5 in their lunch menu. You could choose any two from Sandwiches and Nuggets for just $ 5.

Read more on Wendy’s 2 for 5 here.

3. Free Fries at McDonalds:

If you order Crispy Chicken Sandwich through mobile order, you get free medium fries and a drink for free. Also you get a medium side for free every friday for any purchase of value more than $ 1.

What more? The Large Fries cost you just $1once every Friday through mobile app order.

4. Taco Bell BOGO Offer:

Every Tuesday in the month of March, you get one free Beef Crunchy Taco when you buy one through a mobile app. 

Apart from this , you can also choose a $5 cravings box that can easily fill up your hunger.

5. Arby’s 2 for $6:

This offer now includes 3 items rather than 2. A great promo pack in fact. Now you can choose Roast Beef, Crispy Fish Sandwich or a Spicy Fish Sandwich for just $6.

6. KFC’s $30 pack:

You get 8 pc Chicken and 8 pc Tenders for just $30. Not just these two items, but you also additionally get Large Fries, Large Mashed Potatoes and gravy, large Coleslaw and four biscuits. 

This is a great value pack for a family of four and should easily suffice the whole family lunch needs.

7. Popeye’s 3 pc Tenders Combo:

For just $6, you can now get a 3 pc tenders combo which also includes a regular side, biscuit and a small drink. 

Alternatively, you can also swap this offer for a 6 pc tender meal for just $ 9 where you will miss the small drinks. Instead of tenders you can also opt for 5 pc bone-in fried chicken.